BSides Wellington would not be possible without the following sponsors:

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BSidesWLG 2017 is not possible without sponsors!

Just as BSidesWLG will provide a forum for participants to engage with others in the Wellington and wider New Zealand information security community, it will also facilitate a way for sponsors to engage our community of participants. The nature of our smaller, community-focused event provides our sponsors with the opportunity to be a big bee in a small, but very active, hive. And just as we’ve removed the high barriers to entry for our participants, we’ve done the same for our sponsors. For BSidesWLG 2017 we’ve designed a range of sponsorship opportunities to ensure that organisations of all sizes can ‘bee’ part of and support our event. As a sponsor, some of the benefits you’ll see are:

A Touch Point with the Wellington Security Community

The BSidesWLG security community is active and more diverse than many organisation may realise. Our participants are individuals who are passionate about information security, they are the people you want to engage with and who will carry your message back to their teams and out to their network. How you reach these individuals though is key; these aren’t the type of people who will readily answer phone calls or emails from an unknown source. It’s all about building trust and one way to do this is to support the security community and community-driven events like BSidesWLG.

Exposure to the New Zealand and Global Security Community

We are expecting BSidesWLG to attract national and international participants. These are folks who feel so strongly about information security that they are willing to travel across the country or the globe to spend time in the company of like-minded individuals. Individuals with this sort of dedication are just the type of people you want to view your organisation as one that supports security education and community. And for the folks who can’t make it to Wellington for the event, we are hoping (subject to sponsorship) to record all BSidesWLG presentations and freely share them online. Your participation and support will reach an audience much larger than just the people in the room.

Your Name and Logo “Up in Lights”

While we can’t promise the lights part, our sponsors names and logos are prominently placed throughout event marketing and the venue. We’re proud of our sponsors and we want to show them off! We will be given our sponsors love and recognition on the BSidesWLG 2017 website and Twitter channel.

The Feel-Good Factor

BSidesWLG is organised and run by This is Fine Ltd, a not for profit organisation dedicated to advancing information security through diversity, inclusion, education, conversation and collaboration. By supporting and enabling us to develop and advance the security community in Wellington and New Zealand, we hope you’ll get the satisfaction that comes with doing something good and worthwhile.

Please help us make BSidesWLG 2017 un-BEE-lievable!

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