Financial Aid

The Diversity and Financial Aid fund is open until the 21st of November. Apply here!

The BSidesWLG organisers care about making a diverse and inclusive security conference. This means extending a helping hand to those who need it, whether due to financial need or as members of traditionally underrepresented groups at such events.

Diversity and inclusion are personal to us as, between the four organisers, we represent four different decades, women, LGBTQ, and immigrants. We want to make sure the decisions we make create an environment where all communities feel welcome, beyond those we ourselves represent!

Our Diversity and Financial Aid fund is open to anyone who would like to attend the conference but wouldn’t normally be able to. In particular (but not exclusively) we are keen to reach out to underrepresented groups in tech (women, Māori/Pasifika, PoC, LGBTQI folks, students, unwaged) with assistance to help broaden the diversity of conference attendees.

Our Diversity and Financial Aid fund is sponsored by Google.

How It Works

  1. First, you need to fill out our short form: Apply for financial aid

  2. We will periodically consider batches of applications, we will contact successful recipients and work through the details of assistance they need.

Please note that in some cases the applicant will need to book something themselves, to be later reimbursed by BSidesWLG.

We use the following criteria to help us decide who gets approved:

  • We are prioritising diverse applicants – but not exclusively, hence the name of the fund.

  • We do attempt to maximise cost efficiency so we can help more people – for example we are more likely to approve four New Zealanders in preference to one American who needs help with flights.

If you have any questions please drop us an email at [email protected].

(And thank you NZ js.conf for letting us borrow some of your words!)